As a creative producer / director of TV programs, commercials, web content and live events and with 20 years of international TV Production expertise, I offer my clients an augmented sense of perception and revolutionary programming ideas.  

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Each production has specific requirements and we assemble and organize production teams according to the specific and individual needs of the film.  International productions are one of our passions. We also like to get involved in project financing, finding subsidies, grants or loans, co-production partners, and searching for the right distribution outlet.


I bring over twenty years experience as an award-winning television producer and director and as my career in academic coach to your next media project. I use to invaluable combination of skills, tools and techniques to enhance development, launch and marketing of all varieties of media projects.


A Master’s Degree in Executive Coaching and Training gave me an additional set of tools to analyze and satisfy audiences and provided me with academic insights in psychology and behaviorism.  I have developed workshops transferring skills and techniques of the creative TV and Film industry to foster creativity, and commercial development in business corporations.








Documentary on the impact of international aid in Ethiopia – part of television series on Austrian-funded international development projects. Directed by Eva-Maria Berger

Portrait of Woody Allen as he jams with musician from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in New York. Developed, directed and produced by Eva-Maria Berger
Portrait of the world famous jazz musician James Morrison, exploring his passion for music and his life in his hometown Sydney, Australia. Developed and directed by Eva-Maria Berger



The Real Reason We Watch TV

Life is short – we don’t even like the thought of that – so why do we enjoy sitting comfortably on the sofa in our living room to watch other peoples’ lives and emotions when we could turn to our loved ones and experience the very same sensation more intense right...

Do We Know Our Audiences?

When I recently attended the Real Screen summit in Washington DC , what truly impressed me and stuck in my mind (and makes my point) was hearing Howard Lee of TLC explain the reason for the skyrocketing performance of the network.  TLC took a new and really good look...

What is Your Perception ?

Experiences we create and make in the course of our life influence the ways we perceive our surroundings, situations and the world in general.  Encounters we’ve had in the past such as arguments, loving exchanges, losses, or even books we’ve read – most of what we...

Why Do I Love Design Thinking?

Design thinking acquires and synthesizes information and generates creative, human-centered solutions.  It is commonly used and that’s also what it’s known for- to design any object or offer a practical solution to a problem.  In my opinion, the principles are perfect...

How much do we actually see?

Physically, we communicate nonverbal and often unintended on the part of one individual to another. Nonverbal communication takes place by means of facial expressions, head movements, eye contact, hand gestures, body positions and acts, tones of voice, and so on. In...