I have been involved in importing international programming into the US since 1979. In my experience, Eva-Maria is one of the few European-based producers who have a global sensibility in their work. What makes Eva-Maria’s work so universal is that she is a great story teller. She’s also a pleasure to deal with.” 

David Fox, David Fox and Associates

As an award-winning television producer and director and with over twenty years experience and a degree in communications  is something I bring to your next media project. This is a unique combination of skills, tools and techniques that will take development, launch and marketing of your media project to the next level. 

Project Development and Launch Specialist

When working with me, you get the benefit of an international and very broad perspective of the industry and its macro and micro trends in the individual markets.  

Maybe you are ready to cross over between markets, as in securing co-production opportunities between Europe and North America. I will assist you in identifying synergies, co-production, and qualified sponsorship opportunities. Prevent spending money on development without strategy and several options to secure ROI, stay on schedule and on budget with an experienced consultant at your side. 

Creative Guide and Concept Sherpa

As an experienced producer, I can jump into an established program or production and help to adjust it for optimum production results, marketing and public relations. I will use my industry expertise to ensure your success, working alongside you to attract choice viewers and ratings. 

Ideation Strategy Consulting

Creative thinking and innovation of products to stay attractive for your core audience is more key – as the streams of revenue are changing. The question of staying relevant to an ever-changing market becomes a big one in terms of a project’s cost versus return equation. Learn how to focus on values. This will accelerate your innovation output and ultimately increase revenue. 

What Do You Get Out of It?

You will have exciting story telling in your factual programming.  You will walk away with enhance communication, creativity, and pitching skills. You will have insider input to land Trans-Atlantic partnerships, build industry partners for future projects, and an overall boost in the value of your company or organization.  

Tunnel vision tends to develop within an institution. I offer networks a fresh look at audiences, programming, and new strategic approaches to achieve success in a changing world. My most-valued skills: combining pragmatic programming experience, scientific investigative techniques, and film making excellence. 

TV Professionals must rethink television and how the audience interacts.  Keeping all screens in mind when developing content and how it is consumed by the audience and stay relevant to the viewer’s needs. 

The secret is understanding thoroughly how to create an emotional bond with every person in the audience.

Profiling the viewer and knowing the market with its competitors is the most important part of the development process. Knowing the viewer on a personal level and understanding their routine, fears and desires is crucial.

“Eva is an amazing source of knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking.  She helped us discover business opportunities and financing options we never thought of.

B. Wright

Executive Producer

There is only one way to ensure relevant and appropriate emotional sequences are pieced together in a logical order: extensive feasibility research needs to be conducted to gain a super-comprehensive understanding, every time around, of the viewer and their values, needs, dreams, habits, and fears. I am here to uncover those nuanced insights into your audiences thought processes so you can create ultra-valuable media assets.