1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.med  Looking to develop ideas with magnetism and relevant uniqueness?

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.med   Searching for new markets, products, services to increase the volume of your business and keep it viable?

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.med   Looking for an effective, efficient, practical, and sustainable method to turn ideas into real media assets?

1240848155298205944thatsmyboy_Simple_Red_Checkmark.svg.med   Looking to develop new products, services, campaigns, images?



2 – Day in-house workshop

I guide you and your team through a proven and highly effective process while working to solve an actual creative challenge you bring to the table.     You want to develop the blueprints for your next product or service using the most effective creative and innovative techniques. Creativity needs a direction or objective.  New ideas do not fall from the sky.  They require courage, skillful perception and structure … And of course, this is only the beginning.  Does your marketing, creative development, or product  innovation  team, require a  boost to trigger fresh know-how?   The workshop provokes the creative process and nurtures a healthy dynamic in teams and organizations. 

Do not leave the success of your business up to faith and accidental brainstorming.   This technique accomplishes amazing results.  

Develop Ideas with Magnetism!

Daydreaming is good and so is musing about ideas in the shower. Seriously groundbreaking new ideas start with the desire to change something. Once you have the knowledge of the designed process and allow a paradigm shift in your mind, then Emmy, Oscar and Pulitzer prize winning ideas will follow…… 

Benefits and Why You Should book my  Solution-focused Creativity Workshop

In a short time you can narrow down your develop a huge amount of ideas and transfer some of those ideas into actionable and innovative solutions. The workshop acts as a catalyst to the creative process of the group. In addition, you will learn a set of techniques, used in a group or alone,  made for innovative people to spring-board off of their fresh, new ideas. 

Learn how to apply the most effective principles of creativity, creativity techniques, thinking tools and methods of the systematic creative problem-solving. After the workshop you will know how to structure creativity and a creative problem solving process on your own.  The workshop leaves you with individualized, workable solutions to your professional challenges.


Solution-focused creativity workshop curriculum

The workshop is based on any current creative challenge you are working on. It could be a product or design you need to create, an  advertising campaign, a new market to branch out into and attract audience, etc. You and your team work through a series of exercises and discussions topics.  This systematic process delivers concrete results.  You will see how to solve your creative challenges within a dynamic group. You will learn what tools you need to get the best possible results.

Some of the fundamentals explored in the workshop include:

  • Identification and overcoming barriers to creativity
  • Creativity as a process – the most effective techniques
  • Understand, learn and apply structured and systematic creativity and innovation strategies
  • An Innovation Culture: dimension of a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Concept extraction – identify the core of an idea and develop the idea further 
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for the systematic development of ideas
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for idea selection, idea evaluation and development of ideas
  • Transfer of the workshop process into your everyday professional life
  • You and your team can use solution-oriented creativity consciously and systematically in the future

The content will be tailored to your needs. Participants will receive a dossier containing the entire contents of the workshop. 


We came up with more than 100 ideas, some of them innovative. We worked on five ideas, three of which will be turned into a pilot. This workshop is practical, extraordinary, and very applicable to real-world solutions.

-M. Kelley, TV Producer, Chanel 4 Los Angeles

 Target group – Who should attend

Target group can be individuals from different departments of the company or complete teams, 

  • Marketing Teams
  • PR Team
  • TV, Print, Web Editors
  • Creative Teams and Agencies
  • Product Designer and Project Manager

Facilities and Schedule

The workshop is an in-house workshop – at your company. The two days are consecutive.

Methods and Means

  • Interactive lecture
  • Individual work
  • Working in small groups

Preparation and post-workshop progress check-up

We will work together to determine if the workshop is right for you and how I can best accommodate your needs. The workshop you’ll receive a detailed handout with a description of all content and an expanded curriculum to include various notes, suggestions and resources so that you can continue the practices learned.  

I would like to learn more and receive a quote!

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