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Let’s bring some MAGIC to your company!     

FN_ETH2_0021Benefits of producing a Film 

Writing a script requires reflection and involvement with the story. Only when the plot is developed do you know what the story will look like. The script and storyboard and shooting can follow. That’s why the task of shooting a film is so rewarding and enlightening, and that is why participants will learn that the parts of a film can be applied to the staging of a business or organization.

There are 2 means of the powerful implementation of film in a business environment: 

The New Way of Team Building          

Your team – with the help of experts – writes a script, designs props, stages the scenes, and organizes the shoot. The different acts and responsibilities are divided among the team members, such as who is the Director, Production Manager, Executive Producer, Script Supervisor, and so on. Also, it must be decided who the actors, lead roles and extras are. Every individual member of the crew is indispensable and participates in the outcome.

Your team will learn and experience the dynamics of drama, intra-group dynamics, and the essential elements of the filming process. The workshop and film shoot are great tools for dealing with conflict situations, will strengthen the purpose of each team, will encourage group bonding and will provide participants with an overall panorama of how their organization works.

What‘s Your Story? 

Having a goal to shoot a film is the most efficient means to get clarity on a subject. Participants will discover background 123information, hidden conflicts, and anything that isn’t “smooth” will appear in the course of the work and in the inter-workings of their organization.

Look at your audience and your clients introspectively. Make them the center of your film, just as they are the center of your organization. Show your viewers who your clients are, what they need and how they think. This introspective examination will increase your understanding of your clients (audience). Once you can view these two groups objectively, you will have both a social media tool and a marketing asset at the same time.

Because you are working with professionals, images and ways of thinking about your company can be communicated in the most passionate and fitting styles.

You will see how eye-opening and innovative the making of your film will be, and how much you’ll discover about yourself and your business.



We came up with more than 100 ideas, some of them incredible innovative. We worked on 5 and 3 ideas will be turned into a pilot. This workshop is practical, extraordinary, and very close to your reality.

-M. Kelley, TV Producer, Chanel 4 Los Angeles

By the end of the workshop, I guarantee you will have:

  • An image film in broadcast quality
  • The values and vision of your company will be engrained
  • The skills of highly efficient organisation and handling of teams
  • An experience you and your team won’t forget!

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